October 26, 2006

*I am tired.

Me siento como una 286.


What should I do? Sex? Vitamins? Exercise? Vacation? Group therapy? Wall hitting? Healthy food? It seems like my brain refuses to do anything besides rest. It gets all cloudy and drowsy just the second I am in front of the computer. I am a big and slow whale. I am a big bear and want to hybernate. I cant manage. I am losing control. Did I ever had it. Could it be that I am depressed. Could it be that all I need is a time off from everyone and everything. Depression. It is so predictable of me that it is not even funny. Here I am, my mouth is dry, my brain is fuzzy, and all I want is to drink a cold coke and go under the covers for at least 24 hours straight. And I already had my sugar fix. Not sure what the heck is going on. :*/

October 13, 2006

October 11, 2006

Hello . This is a test. I am writing from Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

  1. it
  2. seems
  3. cool

I will probably use it often

October 10, 2006