July 31, 2005

The 16 mm shrine (loserdom!)

OMG. ¿The next Filthy Critic?

Ash Karreau hate films, and soon you will too.

Visit his blog here. ;*)

Some gems, and I quote:

The best performance of the picture comes from Karen Black, but this may be because pretty much everyone else in the film is awful, and she shines in comparison, kind of like watching amateur porn on the internet and fixating on the one girl who’s an amateur by choice, not by virtue of bad skin and a thyroid condition.

Written by Roald Dahl, the novel is one of a series of children’s stories that seem appropriate for kids at first but clearly exhibits the kind of violent creepiness most often seen inChristopher Walken films and John Wayne Gacy’s paintings of clowns .

Actually, he’s not even that popular, it’s just that he’s infiltrated into the ranks of cult directors worshipped by snotty video store clerks hoping their nerdy taste will somehow elevate them to Quentin Tarantino status in the eyes of the attractive waitresses from the all-night coffee shop next door.

...sort of like a Tarantino movie but without the occasional amoral bloodbath to liven things up

Aw! Sweet bitterness. I´m his fan.

July 30, 2005

And I stop to complain...

Stayed up too late. Too much alcohol in my system. I open my eyes. I´m alone. Grab something to eat. Grab something to read. I feel retro. I will have the first encyclopedia in the second row, thank you. They´re all red and shiny. I think nobody ever has even opened this one. "Language and..." Oh. Interesting. Semiotic.

"De este modo, el signo linguistico queda constituido por una doble realidad mental..."

(double? that´s so... 70´s)

But they caught me... I keep on reading.

"El complejo sistema de la lengua es una herencia que recibimos de las generaciones anteriores, la resistencia colectiva a toda innovacion linguistica, debido a la necesidad de comprensión del mensaje antes aducida, hace que la inmutabilidad sea característica sustancial del signo linguistico".

Meh. I like neologisms.

I can´t stand, though, some words people use daily this days. Some people. Most. "chilo", for example. What is up with that word? They use it for everything.

Then, some others that are more inherent to the social environment, I guess. Like "pistear", or "chingo", or "fregazo", or "cochis" -es que yo elegiría automáticamente la palabra cerdo-.

Does that make me a liguistic snob?


I dont know what to think of the people that always answer with the same strings of words: "Ya ves". "A poco si". "Pues que bien, no?". ETC (you know what I mean)

I mean. (in case you dont know hehe) Are those SUSTITUTES of ideas? Like, I dont really know what to say or the fuck I dont understand a single word of what she is saying so they just reply with those same standard safety nets for their ignorance?

Or they just think is not worth it to say more than three words?

On the other hand, there is the people that goes on and on talking nonsense. Who am I to judge anybody right?

BTW. Hendrix rules.

July 28, 2005

War, ceasefire, endgame [IRA] ¿?

All IRA units have been ordered to dump arms.

"There is also a universal responsibility to tackle sectarianism in all its forms. "

Full statement at the Guardian.

The Irish Times here, and the BBC take on it.

30+ years...

July 27, 2005

Viaje al Centro de la Tierra

Oh. And this (First measurements of Earth's core radioactivity) out just the day I started reading the novel of J.V.

Believe it or not, I haven´t read that one. I know. I know. You´re supposed to read this one when you´re 12 or something. But my readings have been rather chaotic. Nietzche, Goethe, Novalis, Cervantes at 8. Verne (second one), Feynman, Jenilek, Hesse (I lost the count one) at 29.

What? I´m in chapter 19. As a matter of fact, the only book I have read from J.V is Around the World in 80 days. Actually one of my favorites. Ever. Makes me smile just to remember some lines.

Yeah I´m the uncoolest person you´ll ever meet.

Look, we are cool!

Ok, so the new Windows Vista (eeew, just to write that makes me vomit) beta is out now.

They said august 3, but releasing it today a few days (three) before makes them look cooler, I guess. Look, we have it ready before we said!!!

Ahem. Not delayed for three years, right???? people is stupid, right? *cough*

Of course, it has nothing to do with the investors meeting tomorrow, right?

Plus, no more mr. nice windows updates -aka patches for our crappy software- for you people, not without us peeking into your machine at least, oh well, only the security ones, that´s right, we are that generous....


CETYS Tijuana en ImagineCup 2005

Representando a México en la categoría de Software Design.

La final se llevará a cabo en Yokohama, Japón, a finales de julio.

You go, guys!

Mac Mini, iBook mini upgrades

VR of the new Mac Mini, with Apple accesories.

Aw. The iBook is too cute.

Would people buy these, or rather wait til the switch?

Webcams for the Congressman

Ok. So they are installing cameras. Webcameras? To see what´re they doing (they, the damned asholes who seat there for a couple of hours -you know, they need their nap-, go to the best restaurants and drive suburbans with our money).

I say, they should better set up this equipment in the monkey cages at the local zoo.

They do basically the same anyway. At least we can have a little respect for the monkeys.


July 25, 2005

The world fastest...

Japan wants to build the world fastest supercomputer...

"Japan wants to develop a supercomputer that can operate at 10 petaflops, or 10 quadrillion calculations per second, which is 73 times faster than the Blue Gene"

The article here.

To do what? Simulating the formation of galaxy and the interactions between a medicine and the human body. They say.

Everybody loves Raymond (Eric)

Oh. A cute new little geeky comic I didnt knew about. (bet you didn´t, too)

bitter. yummy.

Apple: Off the map

(the Microsoft way)

Ok. Was someone excited about this whole mapping thing?

Light of a Fading Star

The things I get in the mail... Flogging Molly, soon in San Diego, CA.

They have a nice & light flash player on the site, with some full songs of the new album.

Hm. I dont know exactly why. But I like them. >:*)


No, I didn´t knew. How was I supposed to know? I dont live in the real word, you know? Things like this, I´m not aware off...

Ask to me about the Hesse novel I´m reading... Or, what is the last thing I´m trying to understand about the man -in a philosophical sense, of course-. Tell you what, you can even ask me about the last gadgets, or the trends in technology. I even care more about the leaves the wind is playing with... Or sexuality, you can ask me about that. I´m open to all subjects known to men!

But the real world, as in, you know, well, like this one thing?

Forget it.

Oh yes, I´m making a documentary on it. What?!

July 22, 2005

Wasn´t Longhorn cooler anyway?

Windows Vista.... Ewww

Is it normal to wake up thinking on sex, then, the existance of God, then, the weird dream I just had, then, the movie I´m about to see, then jump out of the bed with an "I just missed the appointment with the doctor again goddamit!!!!"

Grandma-> Yeah, but you were up in the computer until past three in the morning, didnt you?
Moi-> Uh. Yup. Ugh. I guess so. Hum.

Uh? Brain... Needs... Food... Coffee... (drink of the gods, at least the gods who are cranky in the morning//QC, OC)

Pi Aproximation Day

Well, today is Pi Aproximation Day, and here is some great music to celebrate it.

Do not miss the "State Garden" soundtrack.

So great.

Should I talk about my break down? Nah....

July 21, 2005

Google calls it...

Cool commentary

We call it... BS!


So, deer park, uh? August, then.

The Double super Secret agent...

I just love this guy animations. Here is the last one.

What a joke.

July 20, 2005

Random (Waiting in my desk)

Hoy por la mañana olí mis manos. Es por la posición en que duermo, cuando despierto, siempre están cerca de mi nariz. Las olí, pues. Es un acto reflejo, sin querer. Es más, para cuando me doy cuenta, mi cerebro ya está registrando a qué huelen. Y olían a galletas de vainilla y azúcar. Hmmmm. Yummy. Y ahora, sentada en mi escritorio, esperando que me entregen una página, oscurezco un poco la luz en mis ojos ( a mis ojos no les gusta la luz) los entrecierro y otra vez, sin querer, vuelvo a oler mis manos. Esta vez huelen a talco.

¿Estoy desvariando?

My selection from FlashForward 2005

Craziest. The triple triple uh!

Fly me to the moon (y el blog de moda)

Fly me to the moon.

Y el blog de moda. (tech, I mean)

Mood: Laconic.


I forgot about this. When all you get in the e-mail is an e-mail about Aronofsky being at Comic-Con to promote "The Fountain". What! The Fountain! I didn´t knew he was making a new movie! Hmmm Oh as I was saying, when all you get blah blah Oh Forget it.

Last night, I saw "El tambor de hojalata" again. What a master piece. I love it. I feel so much like Agnes eating the fish...

July 18, 2005

Biotech (uh oh)

Why in the world did I selected biotechnology as the subject of my next article, only God knows, but the fact is I did, and now I´m hooked up with it. It is, indeed, fascinating. As I kept reading I was full of mental Oh´s and Ah´s. Even some Oh Wow´s. So... Better share the love, right?

First, I came across this article on a new Institute for Genomic Medicine open in Texas.

Lexicon is a pioneer in gene trapping technology and will use $35 million of the grant to make two copies of its knockout mouse embryonic stem cell library that will contain 350,000 cell lines. A knockout mouse is a mouse with a gene that is "turned off" so scientists can find out the function of each gene.


Then, the article "More time needed for biotechnology debate"...

Pre-implantation diagnosis should not be allowed. Pre-natal testing should be allowed if there is a possibility of the parents passing on a genetic disease to their children. Polar-body biopsy should be allowed only in the case of a serious illness. Human cloning should be prohibited on all counts, even for therapeutic purposes.


And then the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, with its Biotech 101 Guide and the reference to the Biotechnology Industry Organization at Bio.org. (Nice set of milestones 2005 here, btw)

The original intention of the article is a question. Are we culturally ready?

Weell. Are we?

July 16, 2005

Best post... EVER!




Hm. I was truly sad last night. So sad, that the rescue gang came to my aid and virtually dragged me out of the house into a club (what an eww club btw).

I had have no food in the whole day, and there I was, sitting in a bed (yes, a bed) watching stupid people performing "their moves" and trying to get something not too bad for my poor organism at the bar.

Well I finally survived the night, but the post is not about it, the post is about... The lecture! Yeah. There was this girl in the car with us, boy she was nasty, a friend of the girlfriend of my youngest brother, and she kept talking and talking about her new cellphone and that it had "blutut", so I say, if you can tell me what Bluetooth is, I´ll buy you a beer.

So she starts her lecture... "It is like to connect, to make phones work like... Like telepaty, you know???"

Ohhhh The enlightment!!!!!! I almost cry of laughing.


July 14, 2005

Laurie Lipton

Cute & Creepy stuff. Here.

Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds



Nonsense? Yes, please.

The (long) trailer of Katamari Damaci. (We love Katamari).

Agh. Redacción.

Me levanto de mi escritorio porque tengo sed y alguien me asusta con un qué bonita te ves hoy! Eh? Había gente aquí? Ugh. Aparentemente, sí. Por ahí. Ah. Iba pasando justo frente a al menos 5 individuos. Lo miro de reojo y sigo caminando hasta mi escritorio.

Me sigue.

¿Te enojaste porque te dije que te ves muy bonita hoy? ¿Porqué te enojas porque te digo que te ves bonita? Mira, a mi no me gustan las mujeres, asi que es un cumplido en serio. ¿Por qué no me quieres?

Fuck off.

July 12, 2005

biocomputation (or... life from scratch)

Normally, new life is created via reproduction, with each generation passing its genes on to the next. But Dr. Venter aims to bypass that process by manufacturing a complete set of genes, or genome, of a single-cell bacterium in his laboratory.
The guys of Edge on biocomputation. Interesting, as always.

Hot coffee! (mod)

Soooo... Now you can get a mod to have the grand theft auto characters have sex. (Story here)

And they may change the rating now...


We´re talking of a game in wich you can kill people in the streets just like that. Brrrrrraummm. Dead. Oh and you can came back and finish them up again. I have seen my little cousin do that to women. And laugh. Well... I dont know what to say.

It reminds me of Team America. The funny puppets having sex, so offensive, nevermind the real violence. That is not offensive, that is funny, huh.

I wonder what is their rate for the last suicide attack in Israel.

Mature, for 17 and up?

July 09, 2005

Strike. (whatever)

Qrio. Sports. Anything to keep attention of what is really important, uh. Or is it? I have a big purple bruise for trying to hit a ball. A soft ball. It came in an unexpected direction. I was so ready to hit it. Like, 1 mt away from the place where it actually hitted me. Was I wrong placed? Was the ball a mistake? Was I supposed to know it would have such a twisted change of direction even tought all the others were the same? I don´t know. It was fun, thought.

I like bruises anyway.