June 30, 2006

It was a happy day. Danny finally graduated from elementary school and now he is on his way to high school. I am not sure how good TAES is, but hopefully it will be allright. So far Nueva Galicia was so, so. Gee, I am so picky with schools. Then again, I always was in the public system. And I am not saying private is beter. Anyway, my grandma there. She never missed any of my graduations. Ever. She was always there, and she would always give me a present, a gold watch, a gold necklace with my name on it, you name it (too bad I hate jewerly). Of course I was always the first in class, so at least I always had a diploma to show in return, right? Hey, it´s not bragging, just facts. :P

June 28, 2006

Dad. It´s hard to make a portrait of you, specially knowing the deal of pain you have inside. I never forget you. We have dark hearts, but life is so short, so short and stupid... See, it´s raining again. It´s time to digg foolish. You know I cry smiles. My laugh is salty water. Always have been, and nobody has ever understood it, just like no one has ever understood yours. We´ll be al right. Mostly. I love you.

June 26, 2006

Place was kind of cool. "Montejo" beer was even better.

June 21, 2006

I´m on Zoloft. I don´t care about anything. [ :*) ]

Click to Enlarge. The comic is here.

...Off to Merida.

June 15, 2006

FOUND, Artifacts from the future. by Joanna Pearlstein. (Click to enlarge) As published in the last page of Wired in the last number. I like "cope with post singularity depression", by ... Ray Kurzweil Jr. Heh.

June 09, 2006

*Irrational Fears, by Ursula Vernon. (Click to enlarge) I tought the mexican reference was hilarious. Who remember the Chupacabras now?

June 06, 2006

le blogs:

//Spanish Only//Minino de Cheshire, ¿podrias decirme, por favor, qué camino debo seguir para salir de aquí? -Esto depende en gran parte del sitio al que quieras llegar -dijo el Gato.


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El Boomeran(g)

June 05, 2006

*so what the heck is a meme anyway?

In other news, maldita CFE. Osea. Apagón en HMO. A mediodía. En pleno junio. WTFH*!

*WE can say is getting hot in here.

Sin agua. Sin luz. Whats next? I am so moving to ... mars.

June 02, 2006

Just got back from an interview for the geekology series with Jorge Noriega, the Lanix HMO plant manager. And, um. That was a bit fun.

In other news. ¿Soy sólo yo o James Joyce llama a Dios "el coleccionista de prepucios" en Ulises? Man, what a book. No estoy segura si es una buena idea estar combinándolo con El Existencialismo es un Humanismo de Sartre, pero de que es divertido es divertido. Ah. Mucho muy. :)


I am at work. Me muero de sueño. I hate my life. Ugh. Bad, bad day. Terrible day.


June 01, 2006

clown theory...

I was waiting. She´d try to redo the stupid scholargirl bangs I had from the previous disastrous haircut. Can someone believe how much importance I give to my hair? I feel like if I were actually a freacking girl. Anyway. I was there and noticed a magazine that an excoworker runs now. I grabbed and browsed. What do I find? Some strange article about clowns. I mean, the differences among them. There was this, white one, with no red nose, and the classic free style with bald head and fake hair only by the side. There was other called, I dont remember, but part of this caracterization is that they use a suit, because they are like someone who once was important or rich, and now is poor. So they have a broken suit, old and ugly, but still a suit. There is a subdivision here, and that is in the painting of the mouth. One is a happy smile, and the other one is sad. Just two styles. I thought it was pretty cool. (wasnt pretty accurate, thought. if you want to know more, here is the [long] wikipedia entry)

later on the day I was walking by, hands (fists) in my pocket, kicking a cloud.

quería devorarte, comerme tus entrañas, estrangularte, pulverizarte, disolverte, vaciarte, dehacerte, descomponerte, asfixiarte, matarte, enterrarte vivo, hacerte gritar de dolor.

I had to keep walking.

lo que en realidad quería era hacerte el amor.