March 30, 2005

The book archive

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March 23, 2005


PDF´s & mp3´s here.

Hoy, precisamente hoy, se tenían que haber descompuesto mis audífonos.


Un caballito de mar. Un beso. Una perversión.

Un sueño. Varios. Una mirada. Un arranque de llanto.

Una canción. Un roce. Una nube. Un garabato. Una llamada a medianoche.

Una ilusión. Una primera vez. Tres deseos.

Un infierno. Un paraíso. Una fantasía. Dos.

Está bien. Pueden quedarse con todo.

Pero por favor.

Devuélvanme el pedacito de alma.

Oldie but Goodie

Microsoft Acquires Nothing

Fake News written by James Baughn on September 9, 1998
from the pigs-are-flying dept.

REDMOND, WA -- In an unprecedented move, Microsoft refrained from acquiring any rival companies for a full week. "I can't believe it," one industry analyst noted. "This is the first time in years that I haven't read any headlines about Microsoft acquiring something."

The lack of Microsoft assimilation this week left a vacuum in computer industry publications. "Microsoft acquisition stories make up 10% of our headlines," an editor at Ziff-Slavis said. "We had to scramble to fill this void. We ran some controversial Jessie Burst columns instead, hoping that we could recoup ad revenue from people reading all the flames in the Talk Back forums. Jessie Burst forums account for 15% of our total ad revenue."

InfoPlanet also faced a small crisis in filling its headlines. "We were so desperate for news that we ran a story about Mark McGwire. Since the groundskeeper who caught home run 62 uses Linux at home, we were able to justify this as computer news. Sort of. Okay, maybe not."

Industry pundits are at a loss to explain the cease in Microsoft acquisitions. "They can't innovate products by themselves. They have to acquire ideas from other companies. If Microsoft doesn't start assimilating some more companies soon, they could be in big trouble," Bob Y. Cringely said. Another pundit observed, "Bill must be on vacation or something. This can't be right. Maybe Microsoft is worried about the upcoming anti-trust court case? I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't acquired a couple of Seattle law firms yet."

@Found it while making a compilation of recent MS acquisitions at

March 17, 2005

Prozac Gum

-You have all this pain because of the way you are.
-Nice, mom.

Here are the slides of the conference "The Semantic Web is here", by Eric Miller at the Semantic Technology Conference.

It´s not here at all, but anyway.

How about the "emergent" one? Hum.

Quite a challenge to try to write an article on this subject. I mean a brief, newspaper reader friendly one. But. You know. Whatever it takes to keep my mind apart from the issues.

Rule #1 to survive life: Know that it is a joke. A bad one.

March 16, 2005

Ex Boyfriends List

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Application for membership in Ex Boyfriends List

After reading what you've said about your Ex Boyfriends List,
I wonder if you could tell me how to apply for a place in it?

My motivation is not that I would like the cachet of being on the
list. Rather I hope that the application process, of being judged for
a place on the list, could be exciting or even joyous. If it takes you
some time to decide whether I belong on the list, I won't mind

I'm aware of the theoretical possibility that the process might not
reach a conclusion, that I might remain permanently in limbo pending a
decision about whether I am to become "ex". I know this is unlikely,
and I'm willing to take the risk.

For information about me, see my personal site,
My work is described in

Aww Stallman!!!!!

March 15, 2005

Bionic Mix

-I like how natural you are.
-I´m actually an android.

Been following the SXSW thing. Found THIS site among the winners... I thought some of this short films were amazing. But dont take my word and see 4 yourself.

You cannot miss "POPaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English", thought. So click on #16.

Rule #1 to survive dating: Throw up first, avoid soberness & keep your mind in a box. Ooops. Those were three I think.

What a disaster.

March 14, 2005

Donald Knuth

-Do you believe in God?
-Yes I do.

When he needs computer power, he just call the folks at Google. He wrote "The Art of Computer Programming". But of course, you already knew that, didnt you? ;*)

Our good old Knuth on NPR. Listen to him here.

March 12, 2005

The Strangehood

Big Brother like being - Expect the unexpected...
Lady being held hostage with a bunch of people - How predictable...

Lines from The Strangehood, machinima made with The Sims 2. Watched it for work, not for fun. Obviously, although I had a small amount of it. Want the link?

Google it.

Rule #1 to survive working @ newspaper -> Learn to ignore people