March 15, 2005

Bionic Mix

-I like how natural you are.
-I´m actually an android.

Been following the SXSW thing. Found THIS site among the winners... I thought some of this short films were amazing. But dont take my word and see 4 yourself.

You cannot miss "POPaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English", thought. So click on #16.

Rule #1 to survive dating: Throw up first, avoid soberness & keep your mind in a box. Ooops. Those were three I think.

What a disaster.

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Ziv said...

The key to clearly understanding the world and reality that surrounds you, is to keep a vigilant eye on the little clues that tell you the truth.
This way when the hidden becomes apparent, it will be of no suprise and your mind, heart and soul can bear that which is revealed.