June 01, 2006

clown theory...

I was waiting. She´d try to redo the stupid scholargirl bangs I had from the previous disastrous haircut. Can someone believe how much importance I give to my hair? I feel like if I were actually a freacking girl. Anyway. I was there and noticed a magazine that an excoworker runs now. I grabbed and browsed. What do I find? Some strange article about clowns. I mean, the differences among them. There was this, white one, with no red nose, and the classic free style with bald head and fake hair only by the side. There was other called, I dont remember, but part of this caracterization is that they use a suit, because they are like someone who once was important or rich, and now is poor. So they have a broken suit, old and ugly, but still a suit. There is a subdivision here, and that is in the painting of the mouth. One is a happy smile, and the other one is sad. Just two styles. I thought it was pretty cool. (wasnt pretty accurate, thought. if you want to know more, here is the [long] wikipedia entry)

later on the day I was walking by, hands (fists) in my pocket, kicking a cloud.

quería devorarte, comerme tus entrañas, estrangularte, pulverizarte, disolverte, vaciarte, dehacerte, descomponerte, asfixiarte, matarte, enterrarte vivo, hacerte gritar de dolor.

I had to keep walking.

lo que en realidad quería era hacerte el amor.


Fanelian said...

Man, that was pretty intense... not the clowns of course o_o

Talya said...

It´s a curse.