November 06, 2005

Time for the Lonely

I think it is quite interesting that I find very difficult to write here just after I finished writing a letter to my father. I deposited all my emotions and feelings on that letter, and now I came to you empty. But, let´s summarize. These are strange days for me, but I´m floating with little effort even trough some difficulties. One thing is certain and it is that I´m a bit depressed. May be the lack of sleep due to high midnight cough activitiy. I´m taking medication, but it is working slowly I guess. So I manage those late at night hours drinking hot herbal tea or honey with lemon, besides the pills of course. I have to remain seated, can´t lay down. So. Anyway. I have only finished one book, Ana Karennina. And I must say I liked it. I am not going to say why because that I already told to my father in my letter. speaking of wich, writing by hand is pretty exhausting. My hands are just not used to it. God bless the keyboard. My life has been, like I said, pretty dull. Stay awake until real late. Stay asleep until real late too. Then work. Also late. Repeat. In the meantime, read things like one article on the newspaper EL PAIS that talked about neonatology. I wonder why it caught my attention, since it is not very often that I find an article from this or any other newspaper less than absolutely boring to death. Well this article was about the research on what is the brain of the babies capable of perceive, even before they are given birth. Among other interesting things (i think we all know it) it said that yes, indeed, a non-wanted child is more likely to be a problematic person when adult, while a wanted one is more likely to be "normal". You just guessed! I was unwanted! Oh this remind me a joke I read in the book "Andamios", by Mario Benedetti. It goes more or less like this: This is the indian chief´s son asking his father why his sister is called "star of the morning", so the chief answers that it is because she was conceived during an early morning under that star. The son asked then, why, his older brother is called "wild horse", and the chief told him he was coincived, well, while riding a wild horse, hence the name. "Oh I see, and...". But the son couldnt finish his interrogatory, as his father, shut him up impatiently: "Cut it off, broken condom, I have things to do...".... Whoops. I suck telling jokes :*) So does Benedetti. Well I think now I´m ready to sleep. It´s 3:00 already... But before I go I want to say two things. One, I wrote another handwritten letter, this one for the man I love. And two, I´m a goddam ambulant contradiction, but you all knew that didnt you? No, wait. Delete that.

<--And two, no, I don´t really have a point.

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