April 01, 2006

//April Fools, Cute vs Nerd, and the Like.

SO first message in the morning. Did you see Slashdot yet? OMG! No I haven´t. It is like, totally cute. forget dragons! Time for Ponies! The notes of the day are hilarious, but I liked this one in particular:

ToeSocks06 writes "The cutest site i've ever or youve ever seen is this one CLICK IT NOW LOL!!! because they have the cutest pictures you will ever see :) :) :) Like hamsters wearing SO CUTE hats and so many kittens zomg i love kitties especially that brown one i hope they show him with hats to LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Ok I gottta go now bye!!!"

What Slashdot didnt expect was the answer of the guys from cute site:

OMG! Like the emotionally stunted Slashdot Fanboys (pictured below) have totally discovered Cute Overload. W00t!

Since they're all l33t hax0rs, who are smarter than all of us combined, we should relinquish the comments and let them debate:
1. Why Microsoft sux!
2. Why you are so lame for not encoding your music to Ogg Vorbis. What a luser! You probably listen to Brittany anyway, so what's the point.
3. Why
Jerry Taylor is, like, a total dick.
4. How you should delete Windoze and install FC5. It's like totally easy to use.
5. Some endlessly stupid circular argument that got started because one of their egos is as delicate as a butterfly fart.
So everyone put away their My Little Pony dolls and pop an Anime disc in your DVD, because the comments sections are going to be worthless until the Slashdot Effect passes.
Then again, if you're really nice and bat your eyelashes, you can probably convince one of these guys to fix your WiFi connection. (You, like, totally should be running WPA2 security. *snort* *snort*)
And for every Fanboy that buys a t-shirt, we'll set you up on your first date. LOL!

There are 250+ comments after it, worth it if spare time=1 >:*)

Yes, I´m a fool.

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