December 05, 2010

They might think I am crazy

And I probably am. But not clinically crazy. Just metaphorically so. I guess some people is uncapable of seeing other people happy. Maybe they think of everyone else of "less" than them. Maybe it was just something she mumbled, like, pass the butter. But what an odd thing to say.

Yes I am gonna get married. Yes I am gonna do it in my hometown, in the fucking church and plaza. And yes I am in love. Against all odds. Very in love.

I guess she is not, otherwise she would be busy being happy instead of minding about other people's business.

No i never really wanted to get married, no i am not much of a church person, no i dont really care what she thinks or does. I never cared, and never will in the future. Still, it bothers me somehow.

Who the hell is she to question me or my actions? I dont even know her well, but her words ended up in my ears, and they are just bouncing back. I dont care how corny it is, I will get married in the plaza were I got proposed, sad yes, and had the ring in my hand, in the church where i prayed on endless may afternoons holding flowers, in the place were the lilac trees that my father and mother falled in love with grow, and in the land where my dad is resting.

For those who think like her, I have a newsflash: I can do whatever the fuck I want. Got a problem with that?


René said...

Jeepers! I belive I can relate, and understand. :)

Cheers girl. Many of us KNOW you will have a beautiful wedding and marriage, let no one mock or question that. Big awesome hug.

Talya said...

big awesome hug back! and thank you for your thoughts ;)

Jesús A. Ibarra said...

Will be a magical day baby