January 13, 2011

I bought the winter blend

Yes. The one from Nescafe. And it was on sale, around 35 pesos or so. Let me tell you it smells good. I am easy to be happy, someone told me... Three hours later I was watching a movie, Jack and Jill I think is the name, and Jill was all about the whole fair price coffee concept, or something like that, and all against "global coffee" aka sbux. Thats when it hit me. 35 pesos is not even one coffee at my precious starbucks, and I can get like, what? 30 cups of coffee out of the jar I just bought?

So the typical whole skim milk caramel latte on a cute red paper container very venti thank you very much is around 50, more or less. Whew.

It is not rational. But I still love it. An essay could be written on how what they sell isnt really the coffee per se, etc etc, but I dont know. Gimme a starbucks good seat, a steamy latte and a wired, andyou get my happy for one hour. A good connection or a good book, and you have lost me for another one at least.

Whoops. What can I say. So yes, I am one of those irrational beings sold by marketing. I do buy a dominos double decker, get the whole marie claire/glamour/lucky AND a funny or light hearted book at the airport stand (what can i say, airports are ugly and boring), and yes I dream with a macbook pro AND an ipad. So the hell with it, I only do it ocassionaly, and I love it.

All this to say I really really really want a membership at the powerplate gym :) Its expensive, and so what? I been having all this blends and thats ok, I want the sbux coffee now. ;)

I will report from the jungle.

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