August 21, 2007

Well now. I'm alive and I´m ok. Technically speaking. I am breathing and walking, sometimes smiling, and sometimes crying. Like now.

This is for the ones wondering.

During this time I went to the sea. I played with the waves, let the sun burn my skin and the wind play with my hair. It was a perfect summer day, near to the sunset. I felt the kind of joy that you can only feel when your heart is broken, and you have finally understood it´s going to stay that way until your death.

I went to the mountains, too. Under the clear sky, the moon and the most brilliant stars I have ever seen I climbed, looking for nothing. What I was looking for I found it long time ago, but it is lost now. Only God knows why and where. If there is one.

I had to keep walking. I will, for a while.

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