July 28, 2008

bad poetry

Write rhymes. No, really.

Here is my example:

oh morpheus i love thee
you sting like a bee
i think we all agree
now i am going to pee

now for the follow up:

since the day that i meet you
i thought you were so beau
always go with the flow
and your eyes really glow

now i am writing you this rhyme
not doing so would be a crime
because you are on your prime
and i am running out of time

therefore, beautiful boyfriend
i wish you happy birth day
hope is all laughs and play
for your happiness i pray

so i showed this to my bf (morpheus) who is knee deep cleaning all his electronic toys after the bday party (we took them all out to the backyard to play rockband etc but that is another story), and he wrote the following:

my girlfriend is the best in the >world<

so... aw

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