July 23, 2008

ratón de biblioteca

I cant stop reading this book by Khaled Hosseini. It truly is a page turner.

While I am at that, I am also reading some Mutis and a little of another weird spanish book i cant remember the name of, a instancias y como recomendación de lectura de verano de Carlos Sánchez. Intercambiamos. Le presté "El viento se llevará nuestras palabras" de Doris Lessing y "Pelando la cebolla" de Gunter Grass (i have a fixation with german writers).

Speaking of books, they are shockingly expensive, even with the unique price, matching the DF one. Two good books are 500 pesos at Crystal library. Ouch. So much for my Jostein Gaarder cravings. I was looking forward to read something, anything, from him, after Sophias World and the mistery of the solitary (ok, make it a fixation on european authors). I also found this one from anagrama editorial amusing. What?! It is on its 21th edition! =)

Hell, I`ll get them next time i hit downtown...

In other news I have a fucking cold. :*/ from hell :( today, so hard I even missed yoga. :S How the fuck am i supposed to do the crow this way?

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