June 05, 2011

the joy of stress cooking

So I was trying to make stress relief potato salad, yes that is the name, yes is mine, to make some use of the recetly bought (omg) MSL, but i found myself in the land of safflower oil.... MAI GOD... wtf is that wikipedia? wikipedia says dont panic, sólo es aceite de cártamo...uhh...ohhh... bueh... i guess i´ll pass, i said, but no, obviously not, my brave four readers (counting me) how could a simply oil stop me, let alone one with such a silly and pretencious latin name? (carthamus tinctorius...HAHA!) so, no, giving up is not an option, i said to my self...
One of the ingredients was "Peppadew peppers" ...Ok, that sounds pretty much like the good ol pimiento picante, so i boldless grab one and chop it... I´ll have to pass on the "cornichons" too... no hay pepinillos curtidos aquí, sheesh... so there, i also used some meh mustard instead of the dijon one called for Lucinda Scala Quinn on the magazine. Note to self, write dijon mustard on the google docs shopping list.

happy stress relief potato summery salad remix for all! *yay for double post on lonely sunday! #foreveralone

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