February 21, 2005

No, really

¿Lágrimas de lava volcánica? ¿What was I thinking? Hahahaha Ok. Maybe I was drunk. No I wasnt. Oh Uhm. Maybe drunk of emotions. Hmmm Yeah Perhaps. Ok, I´ll forgive me and move on.

Er... How about "vodka tears". Or... "abstract tears".... Yeah. It can definitely get worst. Enough already.

I am a bit sad, so I will do what any normal freak would do, drawn myself at work. Work Work Work. So... LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. That will be my subject today. And tagging. But tagging is boring. Aww anyway, this application won the best open source solution and best of show at the LinuxWorld Excellence Awards. Yeah, it is a free content management system. It seems to be pretty good. Seems like Open Source app namers are very into latin stuff. Samba, Mambo... =) What´s next? Tango?


I need a beer or something.

No, I need to sleep.

Yeah. That is what I need.

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