April 01, 2005

Drencrom Lollipop

"This learned veck said the usual veshces, about no parental discipline, as he called it, and the shortage of real horrorshow teachers who would lambast bloody beggary out of their innocent poops and make them go boohoohoo for mercy. All this was gloopy and made me smeck, but it was like nice to go on knowing one was making the news all the time, O my brothers. Every day there was something about Modern Youth, but the best veshch they ever had in the old gazetta was by some starry pop in a doggy collar who said that in his considered opinion, and he was govoreeting as a man of Bog, IT WAS THE DEVIL THAT WAS ABROAD and was like ferreting his way into like young innocent flesh, and it was the adult world that could take the responsibility for this with their wars and bombs and nonsence. So that was all right. So he knew what he talked of, being a Godman. So we young innocent malchicks could take no blame. Right right right."

A Clockwork Orange, Page 41.

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Ziv said...

This Rocks!