January 19, 2006


Sonniger Wintertag, originally uploaded by multiflora.

It´s just cold wind and snow in my hearth. All this used to be outside while I was walking, and I fighted it with weak beams of light from the dying fire I had in a corner of my soul, but it´s gone now. It´s all ashes, and thus the cold, the wind, the snow, cames not only from outside, but also from the deepest, darkest mazes of my soul. My soul that will not admit any heat that the one coming from the fire lighting the mistery of your existance. It is such a light veil. Was it destined to came like a pearl of the sea, just to be gone right away, taken by the same wave that bring it? Like life. Like planets. Like universes. If so, I pray the wave will take me too. I came from me, I came from far away. And far away I can go, until I find the beach where my soul will get warm and the pearl, the beloved pearl, will stay. Will stay very close to my heart.

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