January 12, 2006

On mirror neurons

Researchers at UCLA found that cells in the human anterior cingulate, which normally fire when you poke the patient with a needle ("pain neurons"), will also fire when the patient watches another patient being poked. The mirror neurons, it would seem, dissolve the barrier between self and others. [1] I call them "empathy neurons" or "Dalai Llama neurons". (I wonder how the mirror neurons of a masochist or sadist would respond to another person being poked.)

I know how! I know! But I´m not gonna tell... Hahaha

This is very interesting.

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morgan said...

Just cruzing the blogs and happend upon yours. Very interesting post! I always wondered how to explain that I "feel" needles when I see them go into other people – I can't even watch movie scenes where someone gets poked. =) Have a great day!