January 12, 2006


Talya: ya viste a cuanto cerraron las acciones de Apple el martes?
Federico: no!
let me check
Talya: $80.86
Federico: con ganas de tener dinero, no?
y comprar dos 3 acciones
Talya: FD!
Federico: ouch
s el destino
Talya: no one laughs at my geeky jokes, buahhhh
ok te dejo trabajar
Federico: jajajaa


Intel-Apple add.

Aw, Steve...


Mad I. Hadher said...

Depends on who you tell them to.
My beta doesn't get my humor either, but not because it isn't funny. Usually it is because fish don't have the ability to understand abstract english obscure references and word play. But if I fall down or stub my toe. The laughter makes his little bowl into a jacuzzi.

Talya said...

Actually I saw your beta hiding his laughing at Jeff Cohen on TV.

I think he is tricking you into he doesnt get it...

Careful, may be the seeder of an evil multiverse tracking the high madness and insurrection levels of your head from his innocent bowlfish.

KHAN said...

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