April 21, 2007

"The Internet interprets censorship as damage
and routes around it."

-- John Gilmore

The sentence is because of BB and the Boston Wi-Fi block.

But. Here in our state.

If Bours could -as he did- take off all the Proceso´s from the stores, we could and should print those articles a thousand times for each magazine bought by the goverment. We should literally fill the streets with them -not even because we simpathize with the articles-, but because we hate the idea of censorship.

What is this? The Echeverría times? I am just saying, even thought nobody cares.

The sad thing is not that they believe they can block the sun with a finger -albeit buying all the magazines before the people can get them-, the sad thing is that we let them do it without any single fucking reaction to it.

Even sadder. They get along with their purpose, and nobody reads them. Later they watch Telemax and see how everything os OK. They see a flashing segment about an article and figure something is going on, but do not know what the fuck is all the deal about. One milisecond later it all gets fuzzy. It fades.

Cut to shiny commercial saying how our state is the leader again.

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