April 25, 2007

Mega64 - Katamari Damacy

seriously, guys...

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Bryan said...

I love the macho guy at the end, trying to regulate the behavior of these guys through intimidation. Obviously these guys are having fun and don't care what this jerk thinks. "Is this for a class or something... tell me the truth cause I'll find out." hahaha... And the fact that he was taking so seriously some guy dressed like the Prince of the Cosmos rolling a Katamari around a baseball field! Like this is a real crime or something...

This makes me imagine Katamari Damacy in the court of law...
"Your Honor, the prosecution calls Coach Nutzack to the stand."

Coach Nutzack:
"Your honor, I was trying to conduct baseball practice at the community park, when out of nowhere the Prince of the Cosmos came rolling on to the field and began to try to add my players to his Katamari. Fortunately for my boys, the Katamari was not big enough to pick them up yet. But I knew that this was only the beginning of his path of destruction and domestic terror and he had to be stopped. So I did what any red blooded American baseball coach would do. I threatend the camera man that I would find out what was going on in this sick and twisted game called Katamari Damacy... and when I did... there would be hell to pay as I would probably tell thier parents or teacher what they were up to... I knew that the Prince was trying to collect things from earth and cast it into the cosmos to replace the stars his reckless father the King knocked from the skies. For the love of our country and the saftey of our citizens, this kind of behavior must be stopped!!!"

Judge Wapner:
"Thank you Coach Nutzack you may step down..."

When someone in the back of the Courtroom shouts:
"We Love Katamari!!!"
and is thrown out in contempt of court.