May 25, 2007

Probably you all knew already that the newspaper Cambio has been shutted down. Here is the article, in Forbes. Yes, that Forbes.

Mario Vazquez Rana, president of the Mexican Editorial Organization - a company that owns 70 newspapers, 24 radio stations, a television station and 43 Web sites - announced the closure of the newspaper Cambio Sonora in a letter posted on the publication's Web site Thursday.

And gives some context...
News media advocacy groups say Mexico has become the most dangerous places for reporters in the Western Hemisphere and the world's second-most dangerous place, after Iraq. Northern Mexico, where ruthless drug cartels operate, has been particularly hazardous.

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Kaju Neitherman said...

Creo que hay una hormiguita en mi teclado y me picó.

el caso es que.

wow forbes