May 30, 2007

Surface Computing.


Mafa Jones said...

Se ve bastante divertido, como todo casi todo en teoría. Me recuerda a aquellos buenos y viejos tiempos en los que yo era una pequeña y me iba en el viaje con los juguetes que presentaba Chabelo en su programa.

Eso me dejó la gran enseñanza de: hasta no probar, no juzgar (sólo aplica a los productos de consumo, :P).

Talya said...

La última vez que ví las palabras "entretenimiento digital" en un monitor mi cerebro las asimiló automáticamente como "estreñimiento digital".


Edo said...

Ehm... great for porn, but how the fuck am I going to write in that thing? The OS seems awkward right now. And I can't shake the feeling that it's a really really big iPhone O_o

SurfaceHumper said...

I love it when MS gets excited about showing off old technology in a shiny new wrapper.

Although I still want one... primarly for the first use that edo named.

Can you get friction burns from glossy acrylic?

Talya said...

You are absolutely right. I saw that prototype on Etech last year at San Diego. Han was on the stage and everybody was amazed.


It is the first thing i thought when I saw the news at D. Fuckers.

And no, i would not worry about friction burns. I would worry more about scratchs on the expensive screen. Arent the hands usually in the user, not in the interfase anyway??? Just sayin´

Kaju Neitherman said...

quiero dibujar en esa cosa