May 16, 2008

Back in 2004, I saw a japanese movie called "In the mood for love". Later, I have no idea how, I found that a sequel would be done. It iwas gonna be called 2046, and be released the same year (2004).

I found that movie last tuesday (four years later), and I finally saw it. It was somehow of a mess going back and forth to the past (50´s or so) and some distant future. It was about androids, lost of love and a sci-fi story. But mostly lost of love. Or how circunstances have a lot to do with it. At least I tought so. I dont think I really understood the movie anyway.

Lo bueno es que wikipedia con su magnífico reduccionismo explica en pocas palabras lo que a mi me dejó perpleja mientras trataba de adivinar quien era quien (siempre me pasa con las orientales) y me lleva de la mano al link oficial. Well, you know. Context is everything.

Since I have so much time in my hands (and are selfish enough not to give it to anyone else), I also saw the sci-fi channel take on the Wizard of Oz, called "Tinman". It is good. Too bad I do not have the sci fi channel.

So... The other movie of the selection (threee total, 45 pesos) was The Jane Austen BookClub. Ok, I have to admit I like some of Austin works, but I only am familiar with them because of movies or TV series (like the british Pride and Prejudice) or the Ang Lee Sense and Sensibility. Heck, I even watched "Becoming Jane". What can I say, I am a hopeless romantic. So the movie is good, but you have to be familiar with at least some of the books, otherwise I do not think it is going to be that entertaining.

While I am talking to myself here I am going to add that I did went to the (coincidence?) Mago de Oz concert here in Hermosillo, with the cheap ticket, of course, if you can call 300 cheap. A good amount of the misfits hermosillenses were there (I was there, right?), all with their black shirts and glasses of Corona. I didnt care enough to pay more, so I enjoyed the concert at a fair distance (safe from all the crazy slammers, I thought, but no, and I inhaled a lot of cannabis for sure) and tried to "be present" instead of hunting haunting thoughts and collecting them in my butterfly net so they can bite me (yeah, it is a wicked net).

Al final tocaron Fiesta Pagana, pero mi favorita es Molinos de Viento. Y ahora descubri que me gusta Locos de Atar.

Whatever. It was OK and it made me leave the house. I didnt even knew half of the songs. So fine. More than fine, except I couldnt get up today to my pilates class. Dammit. Hard being the wicked witch of the west.


Kaju Neitherman said...

chilo... aunque me contaron que no estuvo tan bueno... jejeje... yo esa noche me lancè a tucosn a hacer fila para el concierto de metallica.. :D
a mago de oz ya los habia visto hace un año antes... jejejeje ..
nos vemos

Talya said...

Don Kaju... Años sin saber de ti. Eres la segunda persona que nos presume que fueron al de Metallica :) La verdad ni sabia que se presentaban en Tucson. Desde el año pasado me había quedado con ganas de ver a Mago y pues con tiempo y dinero en la bolsa ahora si fui. Pero asi y todo restringida, sin camiseta ni gorro de mago ni zona VIP. So tiempos de austeridad! ;) Ai me avisas cuando se presente Apocalyptica interpretando a Metallica. Me gusta más. :P :D

PD Todavia le debo a EAC la comida de su cumple. ¿Cuando tendrán tiempo???