May 31, 2008

neo amish

I am not getting the Amazon kindle because I love books. And they can recycle ok?

I am still using my SonyEricsson Z600 because it works just fine and will keep it until the end.

I do not want an iphone. Anyway my bf got me an ipod touch already. Not that I need it. I am currently listening to my tapes, as in, analogic. I have a great collection I hardly ever listened enough the last 15 years/yay for reruns

I do not own a plasma or even LCD TV. I have a 21 inch flat screen CRT Sony and I love it. I will use it until it dies.

I do not have a cable, satellite or Internet suscription.

I am Talya Aluveaux, and I am a neoamish. *who uses her signature Second Life name to order pizza*

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