October 18, 2005

Fasten your Seatbelts

*Good afternoon Ladies, and Gentleman, Aeroneonightmare is very proud for you to fly with us today. Please make yourself comfortable, and remember, this is a non-smoke flight, if you´re smoking, we´ll threw you thru the emergency exit, but before that the crew will have some fun with you during the chainsaw break, because you know, serving crappy meals in little plates at this heights, plus, having to use high heels and smile all the time can be a little stressful, so, there you go, fasten your seatbelts*

*this is the captain speaking, btw, it looks like we will be experiencing some bad weather*

Well we don´t know were this little playskool plane will take us, do we, all we know is that our heart is hurting pretty bad and we don´t know what to do now to breathe by night. Closing the eyes very strong and crawling while hugging two pillows and staying very quiet doesnt work. The tears are not infrequent. Even when we drawn ourselves into work. We love it, don´t we? But is not enough to take our mind apart of those eyes. Those haunting, fascinating, magical, spelling eyes. What to do? Look thru the window. Clouds. It´s cold isn´t? Get a blanket. Drink a hot tea. You´ll still be cold. Face it, that´s how it is, and those eyes are miles away from you, even though you have felt sometimes like they are at the reach of your hand. Even thought it seems you´re chained to the heart living in those eyes. But what are you complaining of? We still have plenty of sky and fuel. We are not arriving anywhere yet. What is your hurry? Why are you suffering this much? A little loud, I can´t hear you. Oh! Is that so! C´mon, don´t come to me with that. You fear? let me tell you something, kiddo, everybody does. Everybody fears. You feel alone? Big deal. You know what? You should be grateful that you have those beautiful eyes to miss. Those haunting eyes to be heart broken for. Those hands that are a miracle to fell on your knees for. Those lips that are like a spell. Yes, I know, the moon is beautiful in october, and you have the wine of your body ready to share it, but it´s not the time yet. We dont even know if it will ever be the time. So sit back and dream. Why do you always portrait yourself as a lonely girl in a swing, with no one else to play? While always over the branch of a tree, with nothing but a book for company? It is your fault if you´re always alone, and it is your fault if you can´t stand anyone thoughts. You´re making your own isolation aisle, and there is no one else to blame for it but you.rself. Shut up now. Cry now. Nobody cares. Because you dont care yourself. Yes. You love those eyes. Yes. You feel like you´re gonna die if you dont see them reflecting yours soon. Well die! Die now! Stop complaining. Learn to be. Learn to wait. You better learn to conjugate pacience. You can miss and love and wish and hope and long all you want, but that wont take you where you want, that if you even know where you want to go. Assuming that you do, wich, i must say, is improbable. The playskool plane will take you to whatever he pleases, and there is very little you can do about it. Yeah. It hurts. Get over it.

*Ladies and gentlemen, we´re entering the turbulence area, please remain seated and stay calm...*

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kaju said...

i have a lego starship...the starship, no the pieces... i made it with the bulldog´s pieces (lego pieces, you know what i mean) but the starship is mine.

(con voz de Frank Sinatra)Come fly with me, let’s fly let’s fly away...

PS. that air hostess is hot.