October 21, 2005

foolish you are

I read PhD comics since years ago, when one nice friend who also introduced me to Witggenstein (damn him) was always pointing out to them, but somehow the strips went out of my radar, until today that I stumbled upon this one. Hah!

Background: I used the nickname Leia during all my university years. Well to be precise, right after I saw the StarWars trilogy. It was in the first or second year I think. Oh because I, unlike normal geeks my age (somebody bring me a wheelchair), didnt get to see those movies until I was like, 18 or 19.

So anyway, later on I was one of the weirdos waiting for hours at midnight to watch the first screening, and may I say I was always sooo excited? Since the familiar music and the flying yellow letters started in the screen... Wooo I can´t describe it. I´m gonna cry... Snif... Okay Okay...

It was all very different in the last one, I did not went to the midnight release, but wait for a few days, and actually watched it with one of my brothers. It was so disgusting, he kept answering the cell (GRRR!). I better had gone alone... But anyway. Later on I went again (oh yes, again) with my little cousins, and it was a blast, even with all the explaining I had to do. :D

So, that´s about it. I have never felt the same excitment at the start of a movie, while being all comfortably seated at the theater, with the exception of HHGG.

Ohhhh. HHGG.



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Anonymous said...

it was really fun to se Marvin becoming a WMD. A Weapon of Mass Depression.