October 13, 2005


Today´s Sinfest comic looks too much like my fridge.

Worst is I can cook reasonably acceptable stuff when I try. Wich is not often. Almost never. Okay only once a year.

I´ll blame my friend Hugo. When I cooked tortellini and a weird but strangely good dessert for him and a couple of friends, the average sentence was "Gee You´re ready to marry now!"


Since that evil comment, I never spend more than 5 minutes near to that thing in my kitchen. I think they call it stove. And the fridge is always empty. There is nothing eatable in my house. Mwahahaha...


Juanito said...

Aprende a mi, yo se hacer:

machaca con tomate.
chilaquiles la costeña.
salchica polaca cocida con limon.
Se ponerle la lechuga a las torombolos.
Se ponerle crema a los percherones.

kaju said...

La carne humana siempre es una buena fuente de proteinas.

(listening: System Of A Down - violent_pornography.mp3)