October 12, 2005

Rol Model & Stuff

So, I stayed at G´s yesterday after work, I was feeling really weak and tired, and fell asleep almost all of the afternoon. Later on my little cousin Azahel asked me to help him to study for his exam on "Health".

He is in a bilingual schooll and thinks I´m good enough on english to help him out, so anyway, I was asking him for things like stress (kid, I know a thing or two about stress), self control (this I don´t know much of, specially lately), etc and when I asked for "rol model", he said the answer, and then said: "like you". Aw! Little bastard. That´s perhaps the best complement I have heard lately. Well, he is always really mean, so I´m sure he is into something I have not figured out yet

OT I´m just back from the presentation of a book called "the economy of knowledge" edited by the ITESM and written by some guys (how disrespectful!). Some interesting numbers there, nothing that we don´t know, thought. And now I´m on my way to a conference with Saul Rojo (the guy from CT) to the ITH.

So, just the usual stuff here. Trying to have a little fun, being depressive/bitter and trying hard to believe all of this is worth for something. With little success.

Still sick, btw.

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