August 29, 2005

Reasons Geeks Can't Sleep

11. Not because of caffeine. Just can't stop thinking about coffee.
10. Converting MP3 collection to OGG taking longer than you thought.
9. Dorito crumbs on sheets cause unbearable itching.
8. Borg costume needed redesigning because it just wasn't realistic enough.
7. Had to keep checking the torrent to make sure it was still downloading.
6. Too scared to sleep after watching "Hackers" and knowing they can make more movies like it.
5. MMORPG withdrawal causing uncontrolable shaking.
4. Removed your bed to make room for the server rack.
3. Years of living underground have made your eyelids translucent.
2. Watched special edition of Star Wars and still pissed off over Greedo shooting first.
1. Had to sell bed to buy new graphics card.




kaju said...

te faltó unas importantes.

watch pron

think that sleep its a not necessary task

reloading every 30 secs to check the news

too scared to sleep after watching "antitrust" (a movie about programmers) and afraid because he thinks that bill gates will come to take his technologies (the faster pron seeker ever).

Anonymous said...

Getting ready to sleep, and then thinking of something awesome that can be done just changing 2 lines of code and spending the rest of the night trying to figure why it didn't work. :S


Ash Karreau said...

Top Ten Ways To Fall Asleep.

10. Watch the credits for the extended editions of Lord of the Rings.

9. Any given Rush album, or the new Arcade Fire single.

8. Stay up for three days watching the entire original Star Trek run on DVD. Then try to have a discussion with a girl.

7. Lou Dobb's Moneyline

6. 16mm Shrine review of Jean Cocteau's Orphic Trilogy

5. Any sort of collected Peanuts edition.

4. Oxycontin

3. Quietly whispering "it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" to yourself, or barring that, a significant other. It's like couting sheep, only homicidal.

2. Trying to make Google Sidebar's photo slideshow only show pornography.

1. Trying to make Google Sidebar's photo slideshow not show any pornography.

Edo said...

5.1 - Playing a MMORPG.
5.2 - Lay in bed and figure a way to level your character twice as fast.
5.3 - Lay in bed and figure a way to collect gold twice as fast.
5.4 - Lay in bed trying to figure out why you gain even less exp and gold with your latest idea.
5.5 - Starting a new character in your MMORPG of choice with that new über-build you just dreamed of and wondering why it takes forever to level it.
5.6 - Uncontrolable shaking after 31 straight hours in PvP.
5.7 - Hearing n00bs screaming "Heal plz!" "Mney plz!" and "eQuips plz!" in the darkness of your room.
5.8 - Uncontrable laughter after reading LOL all day. Laughter sounds like "lololololol..."
5.9 - Last rush before you "quit playing that stupid game".

Talya said...

Ahhh. I didnt sleep at all that night... Fortunately enough I didnt had to work on monday :*)

kaju $ True. True. Watch porn. I found a lego one really cool... Er... Whoops...

And yeah, you have a point with the sleeping thing. I would add the eating...

Reloading Slashdot... But now we have RSS ;*)

Hey! I do have seen antitrust. In fact they actually used a real terminal in that movie, and not the usual stupid screen that leads people to think that computers *should* behave like that and to hack is like, you know (swordfish, hello?) {AI: The task of making real computers behave like the ones in the movies). Besides, Ryan Philippe is not that bad... Ahem... Err...

MrP $ Here is to that.

Afterwards, you have to sing the drunk programmer song, of course. At that point, sun should be raising in the horizon...

100 errores en el programa

100 pequeños errores en el programa, corrijo uno, lo compilo de nuevo

101 pequeños errores en el programa

101 errores en el programa, corrijo uno, lo compilo de nuevo

102 pequeños errores en el programa (repetir hasta que no queden errores).

Mr. Karreau $ Ohhhh! I haven´t tried those tecniques yet. Oh wait, I did the Arcade Fire, and it did work. Um. I should give a try to (8) and (7). (6) would not work because 16mm Shrine make me laugh and actually keep me awake. (5) I will try it (4) @.@ (3) yuck... (2&1) Hah. Sounds interestingzzzzzzzz....

edo $ Hahahaha...

31 hours!

I could not say. Really, I couldn´t. And where is that essay you promised on the subject?