May 21, 2006

-Can I make you a cool haircut. The fashion now is bangs, and um, you need some layers. Huh. This is too damn long. Out of date. You dont wanna go like that anymore. And, um. How about some color. Waddaya like new, like chocolat styles or highlights, we can also permanently straighten it? I mean check this out you have awesome hair, like all virginal and stuff, did you ever did something on it? (Yeah! Let´s ruin it!)

-Oh, um, I leave it to you, I just want to keep the lenght ok? And no color or permanent stuff. Thanks. (Just cut the fucking hair. Do whatever the $%& you want. I couldn´t care less. You´re gonna do whatever the #%&$%& you want anyway. $%#&$ haircut nazi)

-Um, well, ok, am gonna do some bangs here, and layers here and here and here.... (30 minutes later, she hands the mirror, and I do not recognize myself) Here, there, you looks fabulous, honey.

-Um. (fuck. fuck. fucking fuck of fucks). Meh. So how much is it? (Someday soon, you´re gonna be sorry you were born, I am so going to....) All right, thanks. (Bitch.)


Edo said...

So... you don't define strict limits yet are pissed off when they are crossed?


Talya said...

My point exactly.