May 11, 2006

ICANN says: ICANN's Board voted 9 to 5 against the proposed agreement. Votes in favor of the proposed .XXX Registry Agreement were cast by the following Board Members: Veni Markovski, Susan Crawford, Peter Dengate Thrush, Joichi Ito, and Mouhamet Diop. Directors who voted against the approval were Vint Cerf (Chairman), Alejandro Pisanty (Vice-Chairman), Raimundo Beca, Demi Getschko, Hagen Hultzsch, Njeri Rionge, Vanda Scartezini, Paul Twomey (President and CEO), and Hualin Qian. Additional details regarding the vote will be provided by ICANN later this week.

Talya says: PrOn.

Lawrence Lessing
says: If there is anything slowing the market for porn, its not the unavailability of a domain name.

Talya says. Oh. BS. It is, like, totally boring anyway. People, go for the real thing. I command.

(but) Seriously. Why not? Just for the fun of it? Aww. Cmon!

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