May 24, 2006

This is a test. People can actually have fun listening at the way I read english words. Or not. I am supossed to give a quick lesson on using Audition in 10 minutes but I dont even know how to use all the features myself! So this should suck. I think the volume is not right, but then again, my vocal chords are shy...

The text can be found here.

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El Autor said...

Suena a rola "punchi-punchis" de'sas quesque intelectualoides que ponen en bares donde se supone, tocan música lounge.

Tal vez pegaría en varios antros de México.

-El Autor.

Talya said...

Er. Pues. Eran los sonidos que estaban por default en el Audition.

A mi se me hace medio kitsch, ¿no? el típico pecado newbie.


Mafa said...

You sound like a french dudette speaking in english... classy! ;)

Hope everything worked fine at your presentation.

Cheers Miss Arvizu!

Talya said...

yay! Lady Yunamakajai, a pleasure to have you here.

I sound like a mix of Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayeck´s bad english first attempts in Hollywood. (mind you, not that they have improved that much since). And I didnt knew how to say 1808... Wah...

It all worked ok. Kinda.