September 23, 2005

And today´s obsession is...


I mean,

Part of what makes seahorses fascinating is that the males give birth. In what other species do the males take on an important role in caring for their young?

They are so cute. I think men should at least breast feed or something. What!? :*)

Not long ago, I saw a colored variety on the movie Life Aquatic (I want the soundtrack. And why Owen Wilson always look so stupid?). I wonder if it exists for real. the fish, not Owen Wilson.

Here some images I found.

It is amazing.

What´re you saying? That I should get a life? Well what are you doing reading this? Go away! hahaha

I feel proud today of one thing. I called my mother and she was....READING! Oh yeah, she was totally reading one of the last two books I gave her. I WIN! Ok I know it was Girl with the Pearl Earring (you know, the story of the Vermeer´s painting, at least according with Tracy Chevalier...a novel). So much for a victory...but she is reading something other than the church books! Yeeeehhi! the recepcionist, my mom. Two down, one million to go. The only thing that worry me is that I need to find the next book that can possibly keep them reading. Ummm.

What else? Oh yes, I spent so much time reading the threads and forums of the new Nintendo Revolution controller than now I want to try one (dear Nintendo press people...) and...OHHHH Howl´s Moving Castle is awesome. Awesome!!! Miyazaki is a genious. I wonder how many things have I missed by having only watched three of his movies. Visually amazing. The story, quite entertaining and interesting. Fantastic. Even funny. The music, beautiful.

Oh well. I guess those are too much obsessions for a day, and I didnt even talked about the main one. >;*)

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