September 01, 2005

Forecast (Rain. No matter what)

Well, first of all, some background: Tomorrow is my birthday. Normally, that´s enough to put me on a bad, cranky mood. Now. I seem to have a hormonal revolution. That is, on top of the normal chronic depresion, insomnia, mental disorders and the like. I know. Sh*t.

The thing is I dreamed I was killing myself. Not really killing. I was more like, opening my entrains with a knife. I suposse I wanted to put out my organs, like if they were lego or a puzzle, and then put them back and sewing my belly with a needle.... BUT... I didn´t had any entrains. I had... cherries. I know. Blood and cherries. Also, plums. Yeah. Plums. Bloody ones. I kept putting them out, and it seemed to be a tree. I mean, I wasn´t. It was like a vision of branches and everything. Even flowers and blossoming. But wasnt it strange that the fruits were inside????

Anyway. This day is a rollercoast so far. I have been angry, sad, and I have cried before 2:00 pm. That cannot be good. Wasn´t I supposed to get some joy (excuse me, I meant, "exaltation episodes") too? SOOOO? Where are them?!

F´n head chemicals of hell.


kaju said...

draw it...

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the Eastwick Witches... i wonder where is Jack Nicholson right now.


Ash Karreau said...

It was my birthday two days ago. I was not full of cherries. You have nothing to fear. Happy birthday.

Mike said...

Si hoy Viernes es tu cumpleaños, entonces quiero felicitarte.

FELICIDADES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Espero que no existan cerezas involucradas en tu estado de animo este dia, y que te lo pases muy pero muy feliz.

De corazon.