September 09, 2005

If this is the future, I do not want it :P


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Ziv said...

Oh, yes please! I want to see how small of a space I can live in while not totally loosing my sanity. In fact, give me a Epsom Salt sensory deprivation chamber with on hose connected to my mouth for food and hydration liquids and another set of tubes at the other end for the results of the digestive/elimination processes. There I will float peacefully in a deeply detached and hallucinogenic state discovering the mysteries of the universe and the nature of the soul's connection to the flesh.

This would be even better...
"USS" Ubiquitous Shelter Systems
This is where you have no home in a specific place, but where ever you go there is a system that you wear on your back that provides all the comforts afforded to a house dweller. Need a plug-in for a hair dryer? Just plug into the solar powered outlet on the USS, need fresh water to drink? Hook your system up to any water source and it will be pumped through a filtration system in the USS that purifies and cools the liquid. NICE! Wait there's more! Time for bed? Well lay the USS on the ground and hit the sleeping mode button... a self contained mini shelter with heating and A/C unfolds out to enclose the occupant and the USS hardware. This system even contains a High intensity Laser security system that will dismember any fool stupid enough to approach your safe and comfortable USS. Of course there are many other advances in USS technology not mentioned here, due to patent pending restrictions on disclosure of system design elements. But I will say this… The folks at Berkley have another use for BLEEX.