March 06, 2006


Mike said...

Starbucks ... niiiiceee ....

Tomate un Machiatto "venti" a mi salud.

Hoy me acorde de vos, porque me llego mi ZD Net newsletter:

Ozzie proposes universal Web clipboard

Dan Farber: At O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, Microsoft CTO
Ray Ozzie demoes a way to bring the clipboard concept from the PC to the

world of the Web.

Talya said...

I think I exceeded the Machiatto per day amount allowed to my body. Damn Starfucks, I cannot resist the wificoffee combination. It is a killer street app! It is sweet! It is! It keeps you safe from the unwarmed and unwified savage world!

Ozzie rulz. Too bad he works for Microsoft.