March 29, 2006

SO I was out for lunch (if you can call a veggie soup and a green juice lunch, but hey, i´m fighting depression here) and while drinking my gorgeous greens (from the juice store near woolworth, btw.. best ever) notice a couple of sun burned british girls desperately trying to communicate with the guy for him to make some pineapple juice for them. I was in my Reiko mood as usual, and reading a 40+ pages tutorial on Ruby on Rails, so didnt bother to help those damn noisy people, until one of them tried to ask for a ladies bathroom, badly, and the guy was clueless. All right, all right, I will make my good thing of the year, I thought, and proceed to guide this england souls to a proper toilette, which ended up being a quick tour of HMO, the (weird) story of her lifes and an invitation to head all the way to south mexico. No thanks, I´m already sick of that brithish accent, I said. But oh, on gender solidarity since they told me they had just finished long relationships with some british ashole guys and now they were just enjoying life and sunny weathers, guided them to Kino Bay and a good waxing place, since the last time they tried on downtown, they ended up pretty hurt. "I think that was the first time that girl performed a bloody leg wax", she said. Hah. It was fun to left Reiko behind for once. Who would have said I can be friendly? Not me. Now back to my little daemon mood of all times. ;*)


Edo said...

What in the bloody hells is a "bloody leg wax"!?..

Forget it, my bloody mind hurts even without bloody knowing it >_o

Talya said...

Hahaha. Hey! I´m just quoting! >:*)